Wind Farm Construction Safety

Our certified safety professionals are dedicated to providing excellent training focused on zero injuries, complete regulatory compliance and maximum site productivity.


Leader provides full-time safety oversight during wind farm construction projects. We have provided training and safety oversight and audited projects in all areas of wind turbine construction safety including rescue from heights using the Skylotec system. All projects have been successfully completed with zero accidents.

Leader monitors projects for compliance with state, federal and OSHA regulations and guidelines. We provide the project team with information describing how to perform work tasks in compliance with the prescribed safety guidelines. Leader manages and monitors all of the health and safety programs including fall protection, lock-out/tag-out, control of hazardous energy, confined space, respiratory protection, rigging/hoisting, emergency response, ladders and scaffolding personal protective equipment, powered platforms and man lifts and hearing conservation.

We also provide Incident Root Cause Analysis, Incident /Injury Tracking, Job Safety Analysis reports, Hazardous Materials Transportation compliance and Fall and Rescue Training and Compliance.