Environmental Due Diligence

The goal of Leader's Environmental Site Assessment program is to provide our clients with realistic, cost-effective information to support a property transaction decision.

The Leader Group has performed thousands of Environmental Site Assessments ("ESA") and property transfer services at residential, commercial and industrial sites nationally and internationally.

Leader's ESA experience involves reviewing properties for a variety of environmental and OSHA regulatory compliance issues and performing property condition assessments. Leader professionals have in-depth expertise in ASTM standards (ASTM E 1527-05 and ASTM 1528-06), as well as experience in tailoring site evaluations to fit the specific needs of each site and client.

Phase I ESAs are generally performed for clients purchasing property who wish to retain innocent land owner defense under CERCLA. Leader's Phase I ESAs meet the ASTM 15207-05 standards and are executed in an efficient and thorough manner, with specific attention paid to the site's features and each client's specific closure requirements.

Should a Recognized Environmental Condition ("REC") be discovered in the process of a Phase I ESA, Leader is prepared to further investigate the site through a Phase II ESA which customarily involves drilling and sampling. Leader's environmental professionals offer complete environmental contamination investigative services in full compliance with the ASTM Standards and federal, state and local environmental regulations.
Property condition reviews are performed in relation to ESAs. Leader engineering staff have developed a procedure and checklist in concert with a major national commercial lender which provides a physical review of the property and building. Leader's ability to provide both the ESA and Property Condition Review gives clients consistent documentation, a single source of information on the property and significant cost savings.

Leader offers the option of an ASTM Standard E 1528-06 compliant Transaction Screen Report. A Transaction Screen may provide the necessary environmental due diligence required by certain lenders for smaller loans.

  • Bulk sale/acquisition project management of Environmental, Industrial Hygiene and Safety ("EIHS") liabilities
  • Comprehensive historical and current business liability evaluation
  • Evaluation/consulting related to environmental remediation funding, insurance or other alternative methods for obtaining financial solutions to environmental liabilities
  • Permit transfer/assignment project management
  • Comprehensive EIHS audits and preparation of representation and warranty schedules