Halona Koch

Environmental Specialist


  • ASTM (1527-05) Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Program
  • Environmental Due Diligence
  • Environmental Health and Safety

Fields of Competence

  • ASTM/AAI Phase I Environmental Site Assessments
  • Environmental Database Management
  • Air Emissions Control Monitoring


Erie Community College 1996 

Experience Summary

Ms. Koch has over twelve years of experience in environmental and safety compliance projects.  She has conducted Phase I ESAs and environmental studies for commercial and industrial properties throughout the United States.  

Key Projects

Environmental Specialist for due diligence property transfer assessments (Phase I and Phase II ESAs) at commercial and industrial facilities, lenders, attorneys, and banks.  These projects involved environmental and regulatory compliance issues.  Assessment tasks included site reconnaissance, historical survey, aerial photograph studies, prior ownership review, and report preparation.  Several of these assessments were performed under Attorney Client Privilege.  Additional transactions included mergers, acquisitions, and refinancing.

Environmental Specialist for monitoring and review of emissions control technology for Title V permit compliance at a major solvent coating facility.  

Environmental Research Specialist involved in the acquisition and review of environmental regulatory files for manufacturing facilities throughout the United States.

Environmental and Safety Specialist for material product reviews for a solvent coating facility. 

Environmental Specialist involved in the preparation of numerous environmental plans including SPRs, SWPPPs, SPCC and Hazardous Material Security Plans.